Founder’s Welcome

Dennis KennedyAs a student, school wasn’t something I took seriously. I personally discounted the importance of education even as a college athlete. It was not until late into my college career, I truly understood the importance taking full advantage of the benefits education has to offer. I was lucky to see the light and perceive the significance of learning.

Encourage to Achieve seeks to deliver this same passion for education which was ignited within me and pass it on to the next generation of students who may feel because they aren’t the top student in the class education is not an option. To sway students who are living for today, and not the bright future life as to offer.

Encourage will link at risk middle school and high school students with college students and young professionals to provide tangible figures who can relate to the students.

One of the greatest rewards we are given in life is the opportunity to give to others the same we have been blessed in other ways. Encourage to Achieve is a foundation that looks to encourage the next generation to achieve their wildest dreams. EA provides an outlet for youth to positively grow and learn in a safe constructive environment.

The impact that can be made in children lives cannot be overlooked or overemphasized. Giving youth positive role models can only help children as they go on to become young adults. Never underestimate the impact you can make in one child’s life. The benefit exceedingly outweighs the cost. Partner with us as we invest in the most meaningful asset one could invest in, our children.

Dennis Kennedy
Founder, Encourage to Achieve

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